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At Liberty our team is here to serve you when it matters most. Navigating recovery can be complex and cumbersome. Insurance companies can prey on you when you are at your most vulnerable state. Let us defend you and get you your maximum settlement so you can move forward. Our team has multiple years’ experience in handling all facets of what you need. We not only fight to get you what you deserve, we protect you and provide on the spot services leaving you worry free.

We cover Residential and Commercial claims

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What we cover

Fire damage

Fire can quickly ravage a home. Depending on the severity and presence of activity.

Wind damage

At any point of time or change in air temperatures. Wind has not only leveled dwellings and structures.

Storm damage

Storms ravage our Garden state. Sandy has erased communities. Leaving 10s of thousands with nothing.


At any moment, a spark. All it takes is a flash moment. This devastating disasters have been known to create high intensity heat.


It’s been called the finger of God. Known to devastate our nations less populated areas.


Every summer they strike. With a humanistic name they claim 100’s of millions in property damage.

Flood Damage

Flood can be caused by many elements. Most commonly known from low elevations and pooling land.


Also known as larceny. Trespassing and removing ones tangible assets happens more commonly than you would think.


There was over 14.3 billion in property loss due to burglary in the last year.

Ice Damage

Ice can sneak in creating expanding walls between any crack, crevasse, seam or rift.

Smoke Damage

Many people don’t consider what these carcinogenic fumes can do to your assets.


Collapse can be one of the more serious perils. Hazards resulting in this can be devastating.

Mold damage

Mold is a common element from an untended to claim.


This peril has leveled cities and left many of our major western populated areas rattled.


Teen angst, trying to send a message or prove a point with no regards.

Sewage Back up

At low points and due to pressure, change in climate, poor maintenance and operations.


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