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In both the residential and commercial world our team of professionals has a magnitude of experience in multiple fields.  Insurance, Construction, Real estate, Property management, Project management, Inventory management, Litigation and Insurance law. We are here to not only get you a speedy recovery, but also serve you when it matters most. We pride ourselves in helping you maintain a standard quality of life during any hardship. We do all the heavy lifting from beginning to end.  Leave the headaches to us. We like to make life easy for our clients. We are also detailed oriented. Our system of litigation insures we don’t miss a penny in your favor, settling on average between 70% – 900% more per each claim.

Liberty Adjustment Group

The Liberty philosophy

In the early 2000s George Kramer suffered a severe hardship. His house was destroyed. More importantly he had spent 12 years building that house with his father. It had all his belongings in it. All his company inventory and supplies. Other than his car and his family he lost everything that day.

What had caused the damage was a tree that came down in his back yard and leveled his structure. George’s belongings may have been saved if someone had come quickly. It took 3 days to hear back from the insurance company and two weeks before and adjuster even came to offer support. George and his father were getting fined by the day for have a down tree in their community. The tree removal alone was in the thousands. Each day that passed made the hardship more and more costly.

The best the insurance company could do was settle for depreciated wood costs for the structure. George’s dad was so desperate he attempted to settle only getting the insurance company to offer an additional $200. That was the best they could do. This wasn’t even enough to remove the tree. Let alone demo and removal of the structure, debris, contents and construction. Feeling the pressure George’s father agreed to settle and pay out of pocket for the remainder of the tree removal.

George begged his dad for one week. If he could get him a bigger settlement then could he get one week. It took less than that period of time for George to prove his case as to why they deserved more. After 2 and a half additional weeks of negotiating, George got his family and additional 690% more than their original offer. It wasn’t enough to replace everything. But it was enough to rebuild the structure and help the family get back on their feet. George knew then the system was unfair and began his work for the insured. George knew people need defense and protection when life throws a curve ball. This is the same passion and the same drive that Liberty provides to you. The drive to protect and serve you.

We focus on providing accountability, integrity, and honesty to all our clients. Our level of service helps jet set you forward so hardships don’t slow you down. Call us today!

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