Burglar Damage

Also known as larceny. Trespassing and removing ones tangible assets happens more commonly than you would think. Just contacting the authorities is sometimes never enough. Assets can include- Jewelry, clothing, motor vehicles, equipment, electronics, firearms, Household goods, Consumable goods, Livestock ect. Many people don’t want to complicate a situation. This is where we help keep it simple. Leave the burden to us. We will make sure you get compensation. No matter what the loss. Sometimes even on another continent. If it’s stated in your policy. We will get you recovery.

There was over 14.3 billion in property loss due to burglary in the last year. Robbery like this is more common than one would think and over the past five years has been on the rise. Insurance companies don’t always guide you through these types of losses to the best of their abilities. Often blaming negligence and leaving you in hopes your goods get recovered. We help appraise, negotiate and even help litigate to make sure even if you can’t replace what was taken. We recover your full value for each piece of property.


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