Fire & Smoke Damage Randolph NJ

Looking for an licensed public adjuster in the Randolph NJ area? At Liberty our team of Public Adjusters are here to serve you when it matters most. Navigating recovery can be complex and cumbersome. Insurance companies can prey on you when you are at your most vulnerable state. Let us defend you and get you your maximum settlement so you can move forward. Our team has multiple years’ experience in handling all facets of what you need. We not only fight to get you what you deserve, we protect you and provide on the spot services leaving you worry free. Best Fire & Smoke Damage Randolph NJ.

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Fire & Smoke Damage Randolph NJ

Fire & Smoke Damage Randolph NJ

In both the residential and commercial world our team of professionals has a magnitude of experience in multiple fields.  Insurance, Construction, Real estate, Property management, Project management, Inventory management, Litigation and Insurance law. We are here to not only get you a speedy recovery, but also serve you when it matters most. We pride ourselves in helping you maintain a standard quality of life during any hardship. We do all the heavy lifting from beginning to end.  Leave the headaches to us. We like to make life easy for our clients. We are also detailed oriented. Our system of litigation insures we don’t miss a penny in your favor, settling on average between 70% – 900% more per each claim. #1 Fire & Smoke Damage Randolph NJ.


In the early 2000s George Kramer suffered a severe hardship. His house was destroyed. More importantly he had spent 12 years building that house with his father. It had all his belongings in it. All his company inventory and supplies. Other than his car and his family he lost everything that day.

What had caused the damage was a tree that came down in his back yard and leveled his structure. George’s belongings may have been saved if someone had come quickly. It took 3 days to hear back from the insurance company and two weeks before and adjuster even came to offer support. George and his father were getting fined by the day for have a down tree in their community. The tree removal alone was in the thousands. Each day that passed made the hardship more and more costly.

The best the insurance company could do was settle for depreciated wood costs for the structure. George’s dad was so desperate he attempted to settle only getting the insurance company to offer an additional $200. That was the best they could do. This wasn’t even enough to remove the tree. Let alone demo and removal of the structure, debris, contents and construction. Feeling the pressure George’s father agreed to settle and pay out of pocket for the remainder of the tree removal.

George begged his dad for one week. If he could get him a bigger settlement then could he get one week. It took less than that period of time for George to prove his case as to why they deserved more. After 2 and a half additional weeks of negotiating, George got his family and additional 690% more than their original offer. It wasn’t enough to replace everything. But it was enough to rebuild the structure and help the family get back on their feet. George knew then the system was unfair and began his work for the insured. George knew people need defense and protection when life throws a curve ball. This is the same passion and the same drive that Liberty provides to you. The drive to protect and serve you.

We focus on providing accountability, integrity, and honesty to all our clients. Our level of service helps jet set you forward so hardships don’t slow you down. Call us today!

Fire & Smoke Damage Randolph NJ

Fire & Smoke Damage Randolph NJ

Insurance Public Adjuster For Water Damage Insurance Claims

Flood can be caused by many elements. Most commonly known from low elevations and pooling land. Flood has ravaged some a majority of our neighboring communities. Associated with other causes Flood water can instantly destroy your property. We fight to claim all of your losses quicker than the water levels can recede.

Mold is a common element from an untended to claim. Unfortunately this peril can be the result of negligence on the part of whomever isn’t moving faster than the damage can grow. We have a mediation team ready to find the source, eliminate it, and prevent future damage. No level of moisture will stop us from pursing remediation of this damage and obtaining your full value. Click here for more info

At low points and due to pressure, change in climate, poor maintenance and operations. Sewage can be one of the most unpleasant of hazards.

Ice can sneak in creating expanding walls between any crack, crevasse, seam or rift. These expansions have been known to not only shift entire continents but are a typical cause for most outdoor winter hazards. This includes collapsing ice which depending on your region can become a paralyzing peril.

Fire & Smoke Damage Randolph NJ

Fire & Smoke Damage Randolph NJ

Insurance Public Adjuster For Storm Damage Insurance Claims

Storms ravage our Garden state. Sandy has erased communities. Leaving 10s of thousands with nothing. A majority of insured didn’t have proper representation. We do. We can handle any loss. We have a team of experts, trained, experienced, and ready to go at your disposal. We work for you and command your maximum fair policy payout. We do not shy away from your hardship. Don’t let insurance companies bully you around.

It’s been called the finger of God. Known to devastate our nations less populated areas. Devastating communities and leveling towns leaving people without any of today’s modern day immenities. This takes some people years to recover from. Let us speed up the process. We come at times when its most important. Let us recover the life you thought blew away in the wind.

Every summer they strike. With a humanistic name they claim 100’s of millions in property damage. From downed trees to flooding, torrential rain and powerful wind gusts. Spanning up to 300 miles, Hurricanes one of the harder disasters to avoid. From the point of inception we get you back on your feet providing you not only recovery, but a decent quality of life.

At any point of time or change in air temperatures. Wind has not only leveled dwellings and structures. It has displaced and scarred property. If you experience any loss let us not only investigate the cause. But get you the full value for everything that blew away.

Fire & Smoke Damage Randolph NJ

Insurance Public Adjuster For Fire Damage Insurance Claims

Fire can quickly ravage a home. Depending on the severity and presence of activity. Fire fighters are obligated to saturate an entire structure. Insurance companies prey on your valuables going from bad to worse. They take time. Which when your valuables are damaged go from bad to worse. Let our team finish before your carrier even starts.

Many people don’t consider what these carcinogenic fumes can do to your assets. Normally the cause from other perils, such as fire. Carriers get off the hook by mitigating the damaging effects onto the main cause. Sometimes leaving most of your valuables and everyday goods tarnished beyond restoration. We have a team of experts ready to go when you are to restore these furnishings and property to help ensure if they can’t be restored they get replaced.

Fire & Smoke Damage Randolph NJ

Insurance Public Adjuster For Collapse Damage Insurance Claims

Collapse can be one of the more serious perils. Hazards resulting in this can be devastating and structural damage is almost always guaranteed. Hopefully that’s the least of your worries. Collapse can leave you out of house and home for months. We help expedite our recoveries getting you covered so you can return to stand on solid ground.

This peril has leveled cities and left many of our major western populated areas rattled. If you have coverage you deserve your maximum amount. From the moment of inception our team helps bring stability to life and brick by brick, we help rebuild your life.

Insurance Public Adjuster For Vandalism Damage Insurance Claims

Teen angst, trying to send a message or prove a point with no regards. Acts of this commitment can leave your property forever scorn and no longer the same.